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Monday, December 27, 2010

So Upset,

I am sorry all to have to post this to you, I came back after a christmas break with my family, To do a lil sale shopping with the lil funds i had left I thought, I have a wee bit left in paypal to treat myself due to the crazy sales etc i have had running, I logged into my paypal this morning to double check the amount i had left to stop me from over spending, It was brought to my attention that a customer had purchased a LARGE amount of my Scrapkits and a Blog makeover several weeks ago and was to my knowledge and emails to prove was VERY HAPPY with her purchase, However this morning this was not the case, As i looked in my paypal account i see a CHARGEBACK, to the customer, stating that she had not recieved any of my items, HOWEVER, My custom Blog makeover i had done was still on her website and The 40 Kits that she had also purchased was used to make several tags/tutorials, All Download Links had been used as i immediatly checked this out also, Yet this Horrible Person has clearly "STOLE" my items now as the $65 chargeback has been awarded, I have emailed paypal all relevent information and screen shots of emails etc, I am hoping now something will be done in regards to this, However I WILL NOT hold my breath, I can not believe that this person has done this, I am well and truely upset about this. Rant Over, an Upset Digi xx


  1. name and shame !!! thats what i say name and shame

  2. I am so sorry to hear that Digi. There must be something that Paypal can do because she clearly used your products and you should have been able to state your case before they took the money back!

    Is there no protection for people to make sure this doesn't happen again?

    I hope you get it all sorted out and that the new year is good to you.

    Jo x x x


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