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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is very upset

It has been brought to my attention that i have been removed from a store due to 2 certain people i had on my blog train and facebook page, I am very upset by this as i was not aware of any harm that these people have done untill my store owner emailed me and informed me, I will not mention names as this is not the place to do this, However i must stress that THESE PEOPLE have hurt me a lot after all i do to help others, I feel hurt and let down that as i struck a an online friendship unaware of the ILLEGAL activites they do i have been sanctioned! To this is why i am upset, I have emailed my store owner and told them exactly my plan of action and have done this with immediate effect. To those that have now pi$$ed me off NOT MY STORE OWNER thanks a million....... An upset Digi.


  1. Sending Huge Loves And Support your Way Sweety... There are Bad Apples in Every Tree... We just need to Listen Carefully and Look Closely... Gentle Huggers x

  2. Thanks hun,
    I just cant believe it, Trust will be a MASSIVE factor as of now! xx

  3. Hey Hun!! So sorry to see you upset. :( There are alot of childish things that go on around here. Way to much Drama!!!! Don't let it get ya down!:)


  4. So sorry to see you so upset. Don't let it get you down. So many childish games go on around here and way to much drama!!!!


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