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Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Since posting my last message and doing the things i stated i would do immediatly i have been approved back in my store, I am still dub founded by the actions of these 2 people that have caused me to be like this, and NEVER and i mean NEVER want to be associated in any form whatsoever with these people again! This is my last post on the matter, and again would like to thank my store owner for allowing me back, Regards Digi, x

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  1. Hi DIGI
    I do hope everything is ok.Your talents far and above out way the mindless people who put you in this predicament.Your work is truly special and i am pleased the outcome is good.In any case i would have let you use my legal team to write a letter on your behalf if that would have helped,especially as you have helped others.I shall look at the blogs again as i am not sure of what my requirements would be,lack of knowledge im afraid on my part.drobinson22@btinternet.com
    Take care,many thanks,regards
    Belchique Group


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